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We believe that everyone has a story to tell. We dedicate all our efforts to identify the people, organizations, spaces and initiatives that allow us to share the best of each story via all possible media based on our clients’ specific needs.


The best communications must touch people’s lives and invite them to see things from different perspectives. With this conviction our team offers 360º portfolio based on an integrated view of strategic and creative communication services. Our ambition: Let people spread the word and call them to action via attractive and appealing stories.


We communicate and inspire for generating positive impact in society. Each of our projects aims to bridge great ideas and international talents. Our communication agency is present in Colombia and the Netherlands with the purpose of building a better world based on the power of what we believe and the huge potential of a multicultural environment.

We create new communication bridges

Recent Projects

We work together with our clients by developing customized communication projects from A to Z. Our most recent projects reflect who we are, what we believe and what we are capable of doing.

To be the right hand of our clients and reinvent them


Our clients are the best to tell the story of who we are and how we have come so far. Since our start back in 2007 we have executed successful projects in Colombia and the Netherlands. Based on our international perspective and diverse experiences, we are capable of innovating and adding value to your brand via our communication projects.

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  • Tilburg University
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  • Japilup
  • Rpm Revista
  • Bogota Ciudad Rock
  • Mintic
  • Amazon Jungle Trips
  • Universidad Javeriana
  • Van Riel Feyli Advocaten

Communications that generate new and great opportunities

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